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We work with youth of all ages to educate them about food security, community issues and inspire them to harness their power as community builders. Our ultimate goal is to give the youth of Ottawa the skills to question root causes of the inequities and inequalities in their community, and to constructively challenge it!
We want to shake up the "Us vs. Them" narrative to one that is only "Us!"

Who We Are: Welcome

Meet our Team

We are a dedicated team of passionate and creative professionals who utilize our unique skills and fantastic jokes to move the work of Growing Futures forward. We pride ourselves in uplifting the youth we work with through our creative, fun and inclusive content.
Meet our program manager below!


Karin Freeman | she/her

Karin is a small-scale farmer, music enthusiast and "dad joke" over-user. She is passionate about sharing food with others and loves learning about different cultures through unique food stories. After a brief existential crisis following university, Karin dove back into the familiar: food! Working on many farms and connecting with people through food was her Eureka moment. Connecting people is her passion and one way she participates in supporting a more resilient community. Fun fact: She once met 50 Cent while sporting a wicked sunburn and Heelys.

Who We Are: Meet the Team
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