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Growing minds, food & community

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About us

Our Communities Need You!

Our Solutionary Workshops: Indentify, Connect & Moblize

We empower youth of all ages to become Solutionaries equipping them with the tools to tackle complex community issues through our dynamic and COVID-safe, 1 hour workshops both virtually and in person. Workshops combine big conversations with hands-on food skill development. Our workshops are customizable to topics the youth you engage with are interested in. Here are topics we've covered to date:  

-food access & food desert vs. food apartheid

-social determinants of health

-what we can do about the issues, what does activism mean for you?

-power, privilege & social capital

-wealth & inequality

-poverty & housing insecurity

-charity vs. social justice

-our role in the changing natural environment

-movements here & around the world

-basic cooking skills

Combining food literacy, civic engagement and community connections, youth foster new ideas to create community resilience. We aim to cultivate a strong sense of belonging to a healthy community, applying a definition "healthy" that considers much more than just eating well and exercising.

Get in touch for more information!


Food is Community: Hydroponic Grow Towers

Growing Food

Growing food is an act of love and community resilience, however many of us do not have access to land to grow on. By linking youth to hydroponic grow towers, youth are invited to develop skills in growing and preparing food, eating well and sharing food stories together. Our grow towers are all over the city!

We also offer outdoor programming in our garden space and nearby parks, when it is safe to do so. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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