SET ONE: Communities Need Solutionaries! (ages 9-12)

This three part Solutionary Training is an introduction for youth into the world of social justice around food! We start to discuss root causes of community issues and how we can address them. You can register here.

Workshop 1:

Access to Healthy Food

Key Message:


Many factors impact access to healthy food including where food is available, knowledge, skills, time, and kitchen equipment.

Big Questions: 

  • Where do people access healthy food in our neighbourhood? 

  • What are ways we can increase access to healthy food for those who don't have access to affordable ingredients, time for cooking, or have inadequate kitchens?

Workshop 2:

Social Determinants of Health


Key Message:


Our long-term physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being is impacted by lots of elements in the environment in which we live, learn, and play.

Big Questions: 

  • Apart from healthy food, what else do we need to be healthy? 

  • What elements of our neighbourhood contribute to our health and well-being? 

Workshop 3:



Key Message: 


We all have a responsibility to work together to solve our community’s problems! Collectively our resources can be much more effective than any one individual.

Big Questions: 

  • What parts of our neighbourhood do we want to Keep? Change? 

  • What can we do ourselves? What can we ask our City Council to do?